Don’t Pro-CRAST the BRASS

We all know that purple shampoo is every blonde’s best friend because let’s be honest… no one likes a brassy blonde. Don’t you worry though, I have all of my clients covered! I introduce to you – The Service Colour from NOOK. This shampoo is amazing because it’s probably the deepest purple shampoo that you’ll find on the market. When I first started to use this product on my clients I was so shocked to find how deep of a purple it was. The deeper of a purple the ashy your hair will be. The Service Colour purple shampoo is also blended with a grape seed oil which keeps your hair both soft & healthy! This is so important as most purple shampoos are very prone to drying out your hair. You can use this shampoo once a week or every second week depending on how often you wash your hair.  

Now, the number one thing that a client can do wrong is use any purple shampoo too soon after their colour. If you use it too soon you risk the chance of stripping out your toner. This is why you don't want to use your purple shampoo till 2-3 weeks after your colour or when you feel like your toner is washing out. But, how can you tell if your toner is washing out? Your hair will start looking warmer! Everyone holds toners different. Some of my clients can go 3 months without getting a toner, whereas other clients can only go 1 month. This is dependent upon on the porosity of your hair. In addition to using purple shampoo too soon after a colour, clients tend to overuse purple shampoos. If you over use it you can get a muddy or dull look, especially on the ends. If this does happen you can just wash it twice with your normal shampoo or, alternatively, use SOLU – a gentle clarifying shampoo by Davines. This will safely strip out your purple shampoo build up and let you start from scratch. 

Now the main question I get all the time would be “How long do I leave my purple shampoo on.” This depends on what type of purple shampoo you have. The Service Colour purple shampoo I would recommend leaving it on for 3 minutes if you have blonde fine-textured hair. If you have blonde medium-textured hair, leave it on for 5 minutes. Lastly, if you have blonde coarse-textured hair, leave it on for over 5 minutes

My clients that come back for toners in between their colour services are now buying this purple shampoo. I seriously call it a "toner in a bottle", it’s that good. You can come in and pick up this shampoo at my salon for $30.00!