Dear Clients,

I love and value each and every one of you. Without your support and loyalty, I would not be where I am today.

As I look back at 2017, I have grown as a stylist immensely. I have poured a lot of time and energy investing in learning from some of the best artists and educators in the hair industry to make your experience in my chair something unique and valuable. I look forward to 2018 as I continue to inundate and surround myself with the newest techniques and trends.

My goal with each appointment is to provide you with a relaxing experience, healthy hair that looks good until your next visit, and a style that compliments you and helps bring out your best features so that you can feel confident every day.

The value I offer to my clients does not stop in my chair, but goes beyond that. I give each client a result they can take home with them along with lessons on how to style and maintain that look at home day-to-day. I also make myself available to schedule appointments and answer questions outside of normal business hours.

As many of you have seen, this past year was not only a year of personal growth, but also a year of massive business growth. My schedule became increasingly busy and it was, at times, hard to schedule an appointment.

Therefore, starting December 1st, 2017 due to high demand, I will be implementing a Price Revision for my services. I am doing this so that I can spend the perfect amount of time with each client to focus on your unique needs. I also hope to make appointments more available to you as my clients so that you can get the dates you prefer.

Please find the new price list under PRICING on the website.

I don’t say this often enough, but I love and appreciate my relationships with you. Thank you again for your loyalty and support. Committed to giving you my best,

Lauren Kyle

Hair By Lauren Kyle

Why having a professional blow dryer is important.

Do you feel like your hair is always damaged but you never straighten it or curl it? The solution to all these problems is right in front of you: it’s your hairdryer itself. No, seriously. That $25 dryer you picked up at the drugstore might be causing you more trouble than you know. A bad hairdryer is one of the most common causes of fluffy, frizzy, damaged hair. It’s clear that upgrading your hairdryer to a professional model is the smart thing to do to keep your hair in tip-top shape. Talk to me at your next visit at Hair By Lauren Kyle. I can give you advice about which professional hairdryer model is right for you.


The concentrator nozzle that comes with your blow dryer helps concentrate the airflow directly onto the hair you're working on, rather than blowing your strands all over the place. Make sure the concentrator is ALWAYS on your blowdryer. Reason for this is because it protects your hair from getting fried from the metal plate on the end of the blow dryer.